Rose City Model Yacht Club

Westmoreland Park to host Roger Newton Memorial August 1

Rose City Model Yacht Club cordially invites you all to attend the second annual RCMYC Roger Newton Memorial, Sunday, August 1 at the Casting Pond in Portland’s Westmoreland Park.

The race is for electric model boats only – as no gas or nitro boats are allowed on the Casting Pond – and would be able to accommodate great racing for any and all who choose to attend. For this race, RCMYC has borrowed ERCU’s trailer o’ gear, so there will be a scaffold driver’s stand, and a chase boat with an electric motor at the ready. We’ll also have a high-quality public address system and all of the appropriate gear needed for keeping the race site safe for participants and spectators (and their pets).

This site does not have power available, so please be sure to bring your generators – or whatever charging sources you prefer – with you.

We will most certainly have 1/10-scale unlimited hydroplanes racing, and it’s very likely that we’ll also have a few of our own club’s UL-1’s or Pro Boats 1/12-scale boats in the new class, which includes both hulls. We most certainly welcome any others – from any class (i.e. SV-27, outboard tunnel, etc.)  – that would like to join in on the fun.

For the 1/10-scale hydros and the UL-1 class, this will count as the second stop on the PC Triage Championship Series.

We’ll set up the race course, pits and scaffolding at 7:30 a.m., on the south end of the pond, with registration to follow. Boats will be allowed to take to open water once they are registered and drivers show proof of NAMBA membership to the registrar. We will close the race course for a mandatory drivers meeting at 10:30 a.m., and will begin racing at 10:45 a.m.

Participants will be allowed to drive into the pond’s edge to unload their haulers, but must immediately park in legal parking areas on the street or in designated parking.

1/10-scale hydros will race in modern and vintage divisions. Depending on boat turnout, we’ll run three (or four) flights of heats for each class of boats, then connies and finals for each class as well. There’s room for flexibility, if need be for the classes other than 1/10-hydro and UL-1 which RCMYC regularly runs. Registration fees are $5 per boat. There is no RCMYC membership fee to our guests.

There will be a race one way or another, but we would love to have anyone who wants to come race, and to celebrate the memory of Roger “The Czar” Newton.

The event’s CD is Nelson Holmberg, but chief referee duties will be shared appropriately by class.

Rainier Cup set to return to Trojan Park on August 15

Thanks to the behind-the-scenes work of Kerry Kjos, Rose City Model Yacht Club will make a return to Trojan Park -- on the property of the former Trojan Nuclear Plant in Rainier, Ore. -- for the second annual RCMYC Rainier Cup.

The race will be held Sunday, Aug. 15, 2010. Co-CD's for the event are Kjos and John Howell.

Defending champions for the event are Nelson Holmberg/Ben Keller with the 1957 Hawaii Ka'i III (vintage), and Greg Sawicki with the 1973 Red Man too (modern).

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Lewis sweeps his first RCMYC appearance at Rose City Cup

Brad Lewis is a rookie in Rose City Model Yacht Club.

It didn't show on Sunday, April 11 at the PC Triage Championship Series season opener -- the Rose City Model Yacht Club Rose City Cup at Lake of Tualatin Commons, as Lewis swept the 1/10-scale vintage and modern winner-take-all championship finals.

Lewis is actually a veteran racer, having run 1/8-scale hydros for some time before moving to Houston, only to return to the Portland area in 2009.

Driving Roger May's 1957 Miss Rocket, Lewis got a perfect start in the vintage final, with Ben Keller's 1957 Hawaii Ka'i III slightly behind. At the end of the first lap, with the Ka'i gaining on the very speedy, and well-driven, Rocket, an accident took the Ka'i and 1970 Miss U.S. out of the competition and Lewis was able to cruise to a win. It was May's first race win, and Lewis' first in a vintage hull. Both had tallied their first heat wins earlier in the day, as well.

In the modern division, Lewis's 1978 Squire Shop proved too much for Mick Shutt's 1978 Miss Budweiser, which came to life during the day due to new Zippy batteries, and a custom prop that made a big difference. The 2009 Graham Trucking, which was expected to be a contender, did not start due to a submarine-tendency that plagued the boat a good part of the day.

For the first time, too, the 1/12-scale class was run in Rose City Model Yacht Club. Three new RCMYC members -- Ron Cole, Bill Amick and Ted Meyer -- competed for the title and Amick came out in front. His smooth driving skills and a spot-on start made all the difference in the class that features evenly-matched boats, run as they were purchased right out of the box. This is a start-up class, where new members can run the smaller boats that can be purchased ready-to-race right out of the box -- just add batteries.

Rose City Cup marks first race of 2010 PC Triage Championship

The Rose City Cup -- the first race of the 2010 PC Triage Championship Series -- is on the two-week clock.

That race, CD'd by Mick Shutt, is scheduled for Sunday, April 11 at the Lake of Tualatin Commons. Setup will begin at 8 a.m., with open water and registration set to begin immediately after setup is complete, with racing set to begin about 10 a.m.

The format will consist of four flights of heats for vintage and modern divisions, followed by connies (if boat count supports), and winner-take-all finals.

Since we do not have scaffolding for this club yet, please feel free to bring a stepladder to share with other drivers who are not in your own heat. If you don't have, or don't bring, a stepladder, you'll need to drive from the shore in the event that there aren't ladders available.

The club now has a decent PA system, a printer, and the computer is set up and ready to go.

1/12 scale boats are also welcome to race at this event, if there are three or more hulls ready to race. Rules for that class are being finalized and will be posted on this website soon.

Spring Training set for Sunday, March 7 at Tualatin

Rose City Model Yacht Club’s second annual Spring Training event is set for Sunday, March 7, 2010 at the Lake of Tualatin Commons.

We’ll have access to the electrical outlets at the pond, and will be allowed to run as long as we like. The plan is to start with setup at 9 a.m., and run until we’re done. John Howell will be bringing a chase boat and John Earnest will bring the weights and buoys, so we can set up a course if there are enough attendees to make it worthwhile.

You must have your NAMBA membership in order to run boats during the Spring Training event, and you will be asked to show your membership card or a fax receipt showing that you’ve faxed in your membership payment and just haven’t yet received your card.

Rose City adds 1/12 scale class

When the 2010 Rose City Model Yacht Club season starts, a new addition to the race day schedule will be in place. For the first time, 1/12-scale boats will be a part of the racing schedule.

Two hulls are legal for this class - the Pro Boats 1/12-scale boat, and the AquaCraft UL-1 hydro - and both must be run out of the box, though custom props are allowed in this class. The intent of this class is to provide an opportunity for easy and inexpensive entry into fast electric hydroplane racing and Rose City Model Yacht Club.

To learn more about the Pro Boat 1/12-scale hull, click here. For information about the AquaCraft UL-1 hull, click here.

Both boats can be ordered from most any hobby store, including Ted's Hobbies Unlimited in Portland, Island Hobbies in Vancouver, and HobbyTown USA in Clackamas.

PC Triage renews title sponsorship for RCMYC season series

For the second consecutive year, the Rose City Model Yacht Club chase for the championship will be known as the PC Triage Championship Series. That's because, as it was announced today by Ron Billings - owner of PC Triage - the official computer repair company of RCMYC will renew its support of the club.

Thank you Ron! We're huge fans of PC Triage, just as you are of Rose City Model Yacht Club. We look forward to another year of your terrific support, and we're ready to welcome you as a racing member whenever you're ready.

Facebook includes a new Fan Page for hydro museum

If you're a Facebook user, the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum now has something to offer you. There's a brand new fan page, which is growing quickly, on Facebook. If you aren't a user of Facebook, maybe it's time to give it a try. To do so, visit, and once you're set up as a new member, type Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in the search box, then select the "fan page" that indicates its for a museum/attraction to join.

New Years fun run was a blast

On Sunday afternoon (Jan. 3), several members of Rose City Model Yacht Club – and a couple of future new members – turned out alongside the Casting Pond at Westmoreland Park in order to have a little fun with some mid-winter testing of their 1/10-scale unlimited hydroplanes.

John Earnest (Gale V), John Howell (Sunny Jim Jam), Dave Reiser (Breathless II), Nelson Holmberg (Formula Boats), Brad Lewis (Squire Shop), and Greg Sawicki (Red Man U-8) ran several testing laps with their boats. Most of the boats are already in good shape and appear ready for the 2010 racing season, but a couple of others aren’t quite ready…but will be when the season starts in April.

Ted Meyer, owner of Hobbies Unlimited (corner of Interstate and Prescott in Portland), was also there and ran his 1/12-scale fast electric Formula Boats hydro numerous times. It was a great show and has given RCMYC reason to discuss adding a 1/12-scale class to the club’s offerings. Stay tuned. More information on that will come soon.

Others who attended today included RCMYC Secretary (and owner of the Miss Rocket) Roger May, former Rose City member Bill Amick, and future member Richard Blehm, who’s in the process of building a 1966 My Gypsy.

This was the first of what will likely be several fun runs and races throughout 2010 for Rose City Model Yacht Club. Keep an eye on this website for updated information.

RCMYC Board officers re-elected

With a club quorum at the RCMYC New Year’s Fun Run, John Earnest, Dave Reiser and Nelson Holmberg were re-elected to the RCMYC Board of Directors for two more years.

Earnest will continue in his role as the club’s purser (or treasurer), Reiser as vice commodore, and Holmberg as commodore. The three join club Secretary Roger May and Registrar/Inspector Mick Shutt, who were re-elected in 2008.

We continue to work our racing schedule for 2010, and hope to announce a list of dates very soon.